Wheelchairs that
make a good fit

Wheelchairs that
make a good fit


Why we’re different

We know every piece of the chair because it was designed, developed and crafted by ourselves.

Attention to Detail

The wheelchair has come a long way and we're proud to show you what we made of it nowadays. Whether you expect durability, comfort or the wow factor, we've got it al.


With over 25 years of experience we know that we created some of the most sturdy models. Supplying the best of the best on the olympics we applied this to our day to day models.

Local Dealers

Each TNS wheelchair is custom built to order by hand at our factory in the Netherlands, so we recommend an initial assessment with a local distributor. TNS works closely with our network of partners to ensure that all assessments are carried out by fully trained specialists. You can quickly and easily book a demo through the website from your local dealer.


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Let's work together

    Let's work together